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GT Concepts - Sequential Tail Lights & Accessories for Your Mustang
GT Concepts - Sequential Tail Lights & Accessories for Your Mustang
Sequential Tail Lights & Accessories

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Sequential Turn Signal Troubleshooting Guide

'99-'04 Mustang

Erratic, intermittent, inoperative or out of sequence turn signal operation.

This is a common problem most likely caused by dirty contacts in the hazard flasher switch. Over the years - dust, moisture and grease settles into the switch.

Spray the area under the hazard flasher button with WD40 or equivalent, apply liberally with a long spray tube while operating the switch several times.

'05-'06 Mustang

Turn signals flash out of sequence, middle lamps flashes last.

In some instances the middle and outer lamp sockets were installed reversed from the factory.

Swap the middle and outer lamp sockets in the tail light housing.

'05-'06 Mustang

Turn signals flash erratic at first then stop working.

If the computer senses a 'lamp out' condition it will disconnect power from the lamps until the lamp is replaced or the problem is corrected.

Push the terminal further into the socket, sometimes extra force is required. You can also try removing the terminal then re-inserting it at a slight angle.

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Sequential tail lights and accessories for 1999-'08 Ford Mustang, advanced plug-n-play design, quick easy installation.
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